People, Planet, Profit.

Enterprise Prosperity

Proserpina fosters the growing commitment to develop an Enterprise system as a Community that brings responsible prosperity and benefits.

For us, the Enterprise prosperity is highlighted by satisfactory turnover and profit linked to products more and more responsible and to a greater Customer, Supplier, Worker satisfaction.

more than business

Proserpina is an innovative Company that delivers high quality consultancy services and training for cost reduction, sustainable development and competitive repositioning of businesses.

Thanks to its ability to activate the best resources, it plans and develops actions that help to achieve long-term global prosperity and to overcome market challenges.

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We encourage and promote the achievement of tangible results and improvements in Procurement, Logistics and Corporate Social Responsibility processes, in business process re-engineering and managing inter-functional projects Team.
One strength is the high speed with which we are able to integrate with the Enterprise Client to assess and satisfy his needs and requirements. The relevant Training and Managerial Solutions are developed and customized at any project according to a life-cycle and end-to-end approach.

Cost Reduction and Competitiveness

Environmental Competitive

Social and Ethical
Sustainable Development


For every industry, a tailor-made ‘best practice’ selection and deployment is performed. Among other, we evaluate also the Enterprise level of acceptance and resilience to changes, in order to maximise the ratio cost/benefits/time.

Core values and skills

Proserpina Team is a highly-skilled and expert team of managers in key areas of business. The main target of our Team-members is to transfer knowledge, while delivering results, so to grow the competence of Clients Resources, in order to achieve long-term economic, environmental and social results of prosperity.

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