Cost Reduction and Competitiveness

Cost Reduction and Competitiveness


We encourage and promote the achievement of tangible results and improvements in Procurement, Logistics and Corporate Social Responsibility processes, in business process re-engineering and managing inter-functional projects Team. One strength is the high speed with which we are able to integrate with the Enterprise Client to assess and satisfy his needs and requirements. The relevant Training and Managerial Solutions are developed and customized at any project according to a life-cycle and end-to-end approach.

Management Consulting solutions:

  • Logistics and Purchasing:
    • Cost reduction plans, Sourcing and e-Sourcing
    • Competitive assessment of Procurement Enterprise global system
    • Spend Management and Supplier Relationship Management Projects
    • National and International ontract management
    • Process Reengineering and change management
  • Internal integration and realignment of business processes with Project Management, IT-IS systems re-organization and procedures
  • Projects for Cycle-time reduction on order/payment
  • Transforming the production process from Push to Pull system, with external resources product integration
  • Production waste reduction projects
  • Project Management for product innovation
  • Crowdsourcing implementation and management
  • Finance and Controller realignment
  • Business Development and Enterprise growth projects
  • Private Equity for Enterprise financial turnaround
  • Temporary Management

Coaching and Training for Enterprise Executives on Logistics, Procurement, Production, Project Management and related processes

  • All Training sessions include real case-study used for drills within Enterprise Teams, helping them to put in practice what learned


  • Targeting a global cost reduction and a higher efficiency in process flow, maintaining or improving product quality
  • Innovate Products and Processes, through a joint Consultant / Customer analytical review and reengineering to better satisfy final Customer needs
  • Cost control supporting strategic decisions in line with future market scenarios

Some achievements

  • Full training for internal Customers and Procurement Teams on Cost reduction, Procurement planning and management, negotiation and communication
  • 50% codes reduction
  • 40% reduction in production scrap and returns
  • Up to 10% of production cost-reduction
  • Up to 66% of Order to Payment cycle time reduction in ICT sector
  • Logistic, Purchasing and Sourcing Share Service Centre management and organization, as well through Temporary management
  • 20% increase in turnover, thanks to:
    • Realignment and processes reorganization, including Marketing and Sales Accounts, Customer Care, R&D and HR resources repositioning
    • 30% increase of R&D projects completion
    • HR talent assessment and Coaching
    • Personalized coaching on 1st/2nd Senior Managment level
    • 'Ad-hoc' HR Coaching and Mentoring
  • Controller process improvements through a sensible reduction in Admin processes timing